Reward and monetise your audience

Build and engage with your audience by rewarding them with prizes that money can't buy!

The world's best companies trust Midnight

Create profitable and long lasting relationships

Upside Competitions are built to create on-going, meaningful and profitable interactions between brands and their audiences that benefit everyone and where no one loses.

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Surprise and delight your prospects and customers

Stand out in your customer's inbox by creating an Upside Competition which gives them a chance to win prizes or services you offer.

Gain valuable attention for your brand without devaluing your offerings!

Create a new revenue stream

By gaining share of your customer's wallets with them earning tickets in your Upside Competition you are cleverly paying back the cost of the prizes and marketing (and even profit) without your customers losing any money in the process.

A win, win, win for everyone!

Customers that stick around

Upside Competitions have proven to have best in class customer retention which allows you to lower your cost to acquire a customer and create or build a new organic audiences.

Position your brand and products as the premium offering that people want to win!

Power Up your Presales!

Are you looking to engage with audience prior to the launch of a new product and encourage pre-purchases?

Upside can help you with that by creating a competition to build hype around a launch

"Unbelievable! Cannot believe that I have won a PS5! I took the chance and entrusted the app. Best incentive to save and not withdraw, especially whilst most savings accounts are not even 1% at most banks. There is really nothing to lose. Looking forward to the next competition being drawn!"
Mitchell Stewart
December PS5 Winner
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