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With Upside Competitions you can support your favourite creators and businesses and receive access to premium content and the chance to win great prizes! You simply can't lose!

Some of the prizes users have won!

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You can join any Prize Competition for free however you can receive premium content and earn more entries to win the prizes on offer by storing funds into your wallet.

You can withdraw at any time with no fees or penalties and your funds are fully protected and insured.

You are always in control of your money

User funds are placed in a low risk, low volatility protocol for the calendar month to fund prizes.

Your funds are always protected and in your control so you can assign them to any prize competition you like.

Winners are selected at random

A winner is selected at the end of each month by a publicly verifiable and independent random number generator.

The chance of winning for each participant is based on the total tickets they generated out of the total tickets generated by all participants in the same pool over the calendar month

Prizes are awarded and new draws are created

Results are published online and prize winners are contacted by prize hosts and awarded their prizes.

A new draw begins straight away for the next month with a new prize and previous participants with a positive balance in their wallets are automatically entered into the same prize pool to win again.

Deposit or withdraw at any time

More prize competitions are added all the time and existing prize competitions automatically start again so you never lose your money and you always have a chance to win more prizes.

You can choose to store more funds for a greater chance of winning prizes or withdraw at no cost if you would like your funds back.

"Unbelievable! Cannot believe that I have won a PS5! I took the chance and entrusted the app. Best incentive to save and not withdraw, especially whilst most savings accounts are not even 1% at most banks. There is really nothing to lose. Looking forward to the next competition being drawn!"
Mitchell Stewart
December PS5 Winner
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